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Applications for the post of the head coach of the men’s national team



  1. Main duties and responsibilities:

1) to prepare Polish men’s national team for the qualification tournament to OG 2016 and receive the right to participate in the final tournament in Rio de Janeiro 2016;

2) to prepare Polish men’s national team for play-off games to WCh 2017 and to qualify the team for WCh in France;

3) to prepare Polish men’s national team for the OG final tournament – Rio de Janeiro;

4) to prepare Polish men’s national team for the EHF EURO 2018 qualification games and to qualify the team for ECh in Croatia;

5) to adopt a leading, proactive approach in implementation of the unified concept of central-level training for all polish men’s YAC teams.

  1. Qualifications required:

1) minimum EHF Coaching License – level III of EHF “RINCK” Convention;

2) minimum 5-year experience as a coach;

3) good command of English language;

  1. Qualifications desirable:

1) coaching or player’s experience connected to high ranked competitions: WCh, ECh or OG;

2) distinguished records of working with high-class teams and players;

3) EHF Master Coach title and EHF PRO License;

4) good knowledge of Polish language;

  1. Required documents, written works, certificates and declarations:

1) copies of documents confirming education and coach qualifications;

2) description of professional career and achievements in his/her work as a coach;

3) the stuff team concept (optional) – co-operating coaches, doctors and other persons indispensable to perform the tasks;

4) annual and long-term training plan proposal (minimum 2 years);

5) commitment to continuous learning and qualification upgrading.

  1. Deadline and place to submit applications and documents:

1) applications with required documents shall be delivered or sent in a sealed envelope with the note “Competition for the men’s national team coach in the Polish Handball Federation”, from the 3st of February 2016 until the 17st of February 2016, to the address: Polish Handball Federation, ul. Puławska 300; 02-819 Warsaw;

2)  we only accept direct applications from coaches interested in the above mentioned position. Any offers presented through the representatives won’t be taken into consideration including these which will reach the Federation’s office before the 17st of February 2016;

  1. Application and selection procedure:

1) the Commission appointed by the Polish Handball Federation Board will consider the applications received, select one or two candidates for the post of the national team coach, and present them for the consideration of the PHF Board with reasons for the decision;

2) in case of lack of suitable candidates the Commission may request the PHF Board to cancel the competition;

3) before announcing the results of the competition, the Commission and the PHF Board may invite selected candidates for individual interviews;

4) the final winner of the competition will be announced by the Board of the Polish Handball Federation.

  1. Other information:

1) applications and enclosed documents may be submitted in the following languages: Polish or English;

2) the Board of Polish Handball Federation shall reserve the right to cancel the competition without giving any reason thereof.