Bartosz Jurecki: It feels great to qualify again

Representatives of both teams were very satisfied with the tournament and congratulated each other for three great games. Coach Hafedh Zouab said that against Poland his players made too many mistakes but there was no pressure on anybody since the task was accomplished last night. He congratulated Polish team a great tournament and emphasized that Poland was the best team ... Czytaj więcej »

Poland finishes first

In the last game of 2016 IHF Men’s Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Gdansk Tunisia lost to Poland 24:28 (13:15). Both teams qualified for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as Poland won the whole tournament and Tunisia got the second place. Polish team gave a perfect example of handball as a team sport since the first 11 ... Czytaj więcej »

Kiril Lazarov: Naumche deserved more

A tough battle between Chile and Macedonia was meaningful also beyond the strictly handball context. Chilean coach Mateo Garralda was satisfied with the level his players presented today although regretted not taking a chance as this would have been the first victory against any European team for Chile. Coach Ivica Obrvan was satisfied with what the youngsters played since he ... Czytaj więcej »

Bittersweet Macedonian farewell

With less experienced players on the court and about 100 Macedonian fans in the venue Balkan team defeated Chile 30:27 (17:14) and took the 3rd spot in Gdansk’s Olympic Qualification Tournament. It seemed like Chileans will have to wait until another big international event for a major victory against a favourite team. Erwin Feuchtmann was again the top player in ... Czytaj więcej »

Łukasz Gierak: I will fight for my spot

It feels great to play for Poland especially when there are so many great players with you on the court – says Łukasz Gierak who promises to practice hard and do his best before the upcoming Olympic Games. In my opinion it is the biggest honor to wear the national team jersey and be able to represent the whole nation. ... Czytaj więcej »

Talant Duyshebaev: We will start celebrating once we win the tournament

After a very offensive game between Poland and Chile both coaches were satisfied with what their players presented on the court. Coach Mateo Garralda congratulated Polish team and Javier Frelijj added that Chileans showed better handball than yesterday and that playing against a top team like Poland is a real lesson that can only pay off in the future. Chileans ... Czytaj więcej »

Poland with another victory

Poland easily defeated Chile 35:27 (19:13) in the second Saturday’s game at ERGO ARENA and will definitely play in the upcoming Olympic Games. Coach Duyshebaev chose to try out his less experienced players therefore his rotation was bigger than in the game against Macedonia. Gierak and Rojewski started strong with spectacular goals that energized to cheer and sing over 10 ... Czytaj więcej »

Marouen Maggaiz: We were a team

Many journalists took part in the first Saturday’s conference at ERGO ARENA as Macedonia lost to Tunisia 26:32. While coach Hafedh Zouabi was proud of his players, Macedonian Ivica Obrvan stated that his team didn’t deserve to win as they missed way too may opportunities. Zouabi reminded that Tunisian players accomplished the plan which was arranged back in their home ... Czytaj więcej »

Tunisia qualified

Battle between Macedonia and Tunisia was considered to be the key game of the whole tournament. Macedonia lost to African vice champions 26:32 (10:17) and so the Tunisians will play in the upcoming Olympic Games. Tunisians started faster, smarter and leaded by 5 goals before the first time-out. While Kiril Lazarov was the only scoring player on the Macedonian side ... Czytaj więcej »

Mateusz Kus: My dream came true

Playing in our national team feels like a dream coming true. Your heart beats faster. Our fans create the best atmosphere so it’s an honour – says a newcomer to the team, Mateusz Kus. Obviously when you enter the court you need to be 100% focused but with this type of audience you can beat everyone – adds Polish pivot ... Czytaj więcej »

Poland made the first step

With over 10 000 fans loudly supporting their idols in ERGO ARENA Poland made the first step on their road to Rio 2016. Hosts defeated Macedonia 25:20 (13:9). Both teams came out very aggressive and focused. Audience went crazy after the first three goals scored for Poland by M. Jurecki, Krajewski and K.Lijewski. Opponents didn’t want to lose the track ... Czytaj więcej »

Easy win for Tunisia

In the first game of Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournament Tunisia defeated Chile 29:35. After a strong start Chile had a two goals advantage but it took only twelve minutes for Tunisia to start playing their effective handball. Three suspensions for Team Chile clipped their wins while Tunisia kept scoring. After 22 minutes Jallouz showed off with his extraordinary skills and ... Czytaj więcej »

Official rosters for Gdansk’s tournament

It’s official! All coaches made their minds on Thursday and chose players who will be able to compete at 2016 IHF MEN’S Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Gdansk. Each coach presented a list of sixteen names: Chile: 1 Ceballos Sebastian – BM Zamora 2 Reyes Diego – BM Zamora 3 Salinas Esteban – BM Zamora 4 Maurin Felipe – BM ... Czytaj więcej »

All set up for the tournament

All four teams made it to Gdansk and had a chance to practice in ERGO ARENA on Thursday. Check-ins in the venue consisted of relatively short practices and speeches given by the headcoaches. After a huge volleyball game on Wednesday it took only a few hours to change ERGO ARENA into a real handball temple. And so it was all ... Czytaj więcej »

Sławomir Szmal: I want our fans to celebrate with us on Sunday

It’s our first tournament with coach Duyshebaev so we want our fans to be aware that this may not be the prettiest handball. When practicing we pay a lot of attention to things like our movement and timing. What we can promise before this tournament is playing our hearts out. This is what our fans expect – says Polish captain, ... Czytaj więcej »

Only two out of four will qualify for the Rio Olympic Games

The upcoming weekend in the Polish city of Gdansk should provide a lot of handball emotions as four national teams – Macedonia, Chile, Tunisia and Poland – will compete against each other on their road to Rio 2016. While the Poles will have around 10 000 supporters each night rooting and cheering for them in ERGO ARENA, we can be ... Czytaj więcej »

Accreditation list for the OGQT in Gdańsk

The International Handball Federation (IHF) and Polish Handball Federation present the official list of the media representatives accredited for the 2016 Men’s Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Gdańsk. MEDIA: 1 Momiroski Goran – Macedonian Informative Agency 2 Falkowski Piotr – TVP Sport 3 Chrobot Anna – 4 Dylik Joanna – 5 Ciarkowski Dawid – 6 Kowalska Elżbieta ... Czytaj więcej »

Media accreditations for the 2016 IHF Men’s Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Gdańsk

The International Handball Federation (IHF) and Polish Handball Federation kindly inform about the start of the accreditation process for the 2016 IHF Men’s Olympic Games Qualification Tournament, which will be held from 8th to 10th of April in Gdańsk, Poland. All journalists, video operators and photographers, please report your interest through the e-mail address and specify which kind of ... Czytaj więcej »